Interim management

You‘re looking for

Supporting a project development

Improving the results of a struggling entity

Transforming a business to re-energise it

Replacing one of your managers temporarily

Getting advice on a project or transaction


You need to provide temporary and rapid support for a new project

Open up a new country/market

Support and assist the implementation of a strategic plan

Set up a subsidiary abroad without disrupting your existing networks

Develop and expand your distribution

Improving results

You’re managing subsidiaries from a distance and they’re being neglected due to lack of time

You’re wondering about the future of this subsidiary and whether it can be maintained

You need to improve sales on your market

You think you have the local in-house structures required but…

You want to have a strategic recovery and stimulation plan


You want to transform an activity to dynamize it

Your Marketing which is failing to deliver (both from strategic & operational point of view)

Your business model

Re-organise a sales team to make it more effective

Your Training to make it more aggressive (sales, winning customers & skills)

Negotiate with customers and key accounts


Temporarily replace one of your managers due to a prolonged absence

In the meantime, you urgently need cover for this role

You want to recruit a future manager but you really want to take the time to find the right candidate

Interim Management for Managing Director/Industrial Director/Sales Director/Marketing Director

Getting advice

You need to know if your teams in place have the right skills

You want to get advice on a take-over operation and you don’t want to get it wrong

To get advice on a strategic repositioning

You want to have a diagnosis of the economic and financial performance and strategic recommendations for an entity

You have to deal with your management decisions on your own and you need to challenge yourself or discuss your challenges